Do we need any special knowledge or abilities to succeed in the game?

The game is based on perceptiveness, imagination, teamwork and common sense. You need neither university education nor any special skills. Open your eyes, ears and mind and you will definitely find a solution.

What happens if the game is too demanding for our team?

There are three clues available and Faust’s ghost is watching over you carefully during the whole game so that he could give you a hint about the right answer if you are in doubt. It is indeed in his own interest to help you win so that he wouldn’t go to Hell.

Can only one player play the game?

The escape game FAUST ENIGMA is a team game made for a group of 2 to 5 players. The fact is that every player approaches tasks in a different way and this helps to find the right solution. Another fact is that the only player cannot enjoy the game to its full potential because s/he doesn’t have anybody to share his or her experiences with.

What if our team doesn’t arrive in time?

You really need all 60 minutes to solve the escape game FAUST ENIGMA. It is necessary to go through a basic introductory lecture about rules of the game before the beginning of the game. Your delay could rob your team of precious minutes that could potentially be the decisive moments leading to your victory. Unfortunately, it is not possible to postpone your time schedule because of other teams. If you arrive too early, you can sit down and relax in our reception and have something from our minibar.

Is the game also suitable for foreigners?

We are going to offer the game in other languages soon.

Are we going to be scared during the game?

You are going to be scared, at the very most, at moments when you will be loosing hope to escape from the room. You will definitely not be scared by anybody shouting ‘Boo!’ at you.

Can children play the game, too?

We leave it solely up to you if you want to take your child with you. However, we don’t recommend the game to children who are too young. The game is designed to entertain adults.

What are the most suitable clothes to wear for the game?

Put on the clothes you feel most comfortable in. There is neither a dress code nor special clothes. However, do not forget your glasses at home, if you need to wear them.

Our team would like to talk about the game and relive some experiences once again. Is it possible to stay longer at your place and/or have any refreshment there?

We have taken account of the fact that you will be full of experiences which you will be eager to discuss. There are some comfortable seats in our reception and you can order some hard or soft drinks there, too. If you are interested, we can also take a picture of your team and it will be posted on our FB website.

How to pay for the game?

You pay for the game as a team, not individual members. After you book the game online, you will either pay by credit card or by bank transfer. The game is booked for you at the moment when your payment is credited to the ENIGMA bank account. If more than 5 players arrive, it is possible to pay the difference in cash on the spot.

Is it possible to give ESCAPE GAME FAUST ENIGMA to somebody as a gift?

A FAUST ENIGMA escape game gift voucher is an ingenious and original gift suitable for a lot of occasions. The one who gets the gift can choose any time and books it in the usual way via our website. You can buy gift vouchers on our website in the same way as if you played the game yourselves. Then you can print the gift voucher yourselves.

Can we park our car near the game?

The escape game FAUST ENIGMA is located a few minutes from the metro station Anděl with no blue zones there so it is possible to park anywhere in this area. Of course, you need to take account of the fact that there are fewer parking spaces during the working week than at weekends or in the evening.

Can I change the date and time of the game after I have booked it?

Of course, you can change details of your booking. It is sufficient to call us or send an e-mail. 48 hours in advance. Change the term is possible only once.